About Helene

I’m Helene. I’m totally just me.

My current loves (obsessions) are:

hand lettering,
working out,
laughing, and
collecting POPS, Wonder Woman anything, and great books

I’ve been in both Corporate America (in fashion merchandising) and High School Education (as a teacher and administrator). Basically, I know how to get shit done. Quickly.

I do not take myself very seriously. At all.

I never want to officially grow up.

I describe myself as bold, brave, and badass…in fact, my mantra for 2018 is

You only live once; you might as well be a badass!

I know that it is crucial to do what you love and live your dream. Hello Dean Grey is exactly that.

I started Hello Dean Grey as the authentic voice of GRRRL PWR!

I want to take on the world.